Yog Sadhana Shiksha

What to do in this summer vocations in Chandigarh?
Is your child in age group 10 to 16 years?
Is he a problem child?
Is your son not interested in studies?


ई-मेलः yss@paramlowe.com
फ़ोनः 887 220 94 49
(for students residing in Chandigarh & nearby Mohali city, Punjab)

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  • Available only for boys.

The Guide!

Sh.Param Lowe - A spiritual master by self-realizations and life learning. Sh. Param Lowe ji, is a unique personality when it comes to spiritualism and mysticism of India's rich spiritual heritage. His journey into spiritualism started in late nineteen hundreds when he was left bed ridden after a spinal trauma and every physician returned him hopeless from the clinic. Sh. Param Lowe then took the shelter of alternative healing and invented self healing spiritual/meditation techniques. He started following pious culture of Sikhism, Jainism and ISKCON philosophy. Sh. Param Lowe respects every religion and is of a view that faith is the guiding force that keeps us in constant connection with supreme powers of the Universe. Through his meditation techniques not only he over came the pain and trauma and stood on his feet again, he also developed power of sixth sense or like some people these days say opened third eye channel of brain.